The priorities of our orthopaedic service are the recovery and rehabilitation of adult patients referred with orthopaedic conditions including:

  • acute and follow up trauma
  • joint replacements
  • revision of failed joint replacements and joint infections
  • other general orthopaedic procedures both upper and lower limbs.

Through a collaborative approach, we aim to:

  • optimise a patient’s medical condition before and after surgery
  • ensure prompt surgical intervention when required
  • deliver early rehabilitation.

The orthopaedic service has strong links with Fremantle Hospital for planned and non- emergency orthopaedic care.

In partnership with medical staff, our multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers provide personal care to assist optimal recovery. This may include:

  • exercises
  • walking aids
  • education on slings and braces
  • implementation of home care packages to help you make a safe transition home.

On the orthopaedic ward, early intervention provided by our physiotherapists assists in regaining movement, strength and independence following injury or surgery.

To further aid recovery, inpatient rehabilitation is offered offsite at the closest rehabilitation hospital and home physiotherapy visits after discharge may be arranged.

Our service conducts the most hip fractures by volume across Australia and New Zealand.

Using care aids after orthopaedic surgery

If you have orthopaedic knee or shoulder surgery, you will need to use equipment such as crutches, braces or slings to support your muscles and tendons while they recover.

Watch short videos to see how to use these postoperative care aids can support your recovery and return to daily life after your surgery.

Orthopaedic Osteoporosis Service

The integrated Orthopaedic Osteoporosis Service clinic (OOPS clinic) is held weekly and aims to identify and treat osteoporosis in women aged over 55 years who have an upper limb minimal trauma fracture.

Watch the following short videos to learn more about this service and osteoporosis.

What is osteoporosis?

This video gives you an introduction to falls, about fractures associated with osteoporosis and what happens after a bone is fractured.

Education and lifestyle

Learn how some simple improvements to your diet and lifestyle can prevent or substantially delay muscle and bone loss to keep you bones healthy.

Medication treatment options

Learn about various medication treatment options available for osteoporosis.

Information for health professionals

Read how to refer a patient to the orthopaedic service.

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