Managing labour pain with epidural anaesthetic

There are a number of ways to manage labour pain when giving birth.

If you are receiving care during your pregnancy at Fiona Stanley Hospital, you can discuss pain relief options with your midwife at any stage of your care. Your midwife will refer you to an anaesthetist for further discussion if required.

One option you may be offered to help relieve pain during labour is an epidural anaesthetic.

An epidural is an injection given in your back to numb nerves that carry feelings of pain from the birth canal to the brain.

Read more about epidurals (Healthy WA), including how they work, their benefits and possible side effects.

Learn about the process of receiving an epidural

This video explains the process of epidural anaesthetic for Fiona Stanley Hospital patients in labour. The video includes information on:

  • preparing you for the epidural
  • your anaesthetist explaining the benefits and risks of the procedure and seeking your consent
  • how the epidural is given
  • how you use the epidural
  • how we monitor you during the birthing process and after the birth.

More information

If you will be delivering your baby at Fiona Stanley Hospital and want to know more about epidurals as a form of pain relief, please ask your hospital midwife or phone the HelpDesk on 6152 2222 and ask for the Maternal Fetal Assessment Unit.

If you are in hospital awaiting the birth of your baby, please speak with your midwife.