Maternity - your journey

Our maternity service focusses on providing a woman-centred model of care through:

Maternity care during COVID-19

Having a baby during COVID-19 may be daunting, but at South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) you and your baby are at the heart of everything we do.

Whether you are a maternity patient at Fiona Stanley Hospital or Rockingham General Hospital (external site), we are committed to putting the needs of you and your baby first.

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Learn more about your pregnancy

Visit Healthy WA (external site) for more information on what to expect during pregnancy and birth and after your baby is born.

Understanding maternity service bypass

Although you may have been referred to FSH and have attended antenatal clinics at FSH, you may not necessarily deliver at our hospital. This will be determined by the demand on our maternity unit on any given day. In the event that you cannot be accepted by our maternity unit, you may be directed to another maternity hospital as part of our bypass practice.

Managing labour pain with epidural anaesthetic

If you are receiving care during your pregnancy at Fiona Stanley Hospital, one option you may be offered to help relieve pain during labour is an epidural anaesthetic.