Your hospital stay

Fiona Stanley Hospital has been designed to provide the very best patient care.

This includes the use of design elements – such as natural light, landscaped surrounds, lighting, colour, texture and art – that promote healing and provide therapeutic effects for patients and a relaxing environment for visitors, staff and volunteers. Our hospital grounds have also been designed to support improved health outcomes for patients and a better environment for staff and visitors by providing opportunities for relaxation and rehabilitation.

Fiona Stanley Hospital is a smoke-free facility, with smoking not permitted anywhere on hospital grounds.

Across our hospital, 83 per cent of patient rooms are single occupancy. The Patient Entertainment System (PES) delivers television, movies and the internet to patients’ bedsides, along with the ability to make video calls to family and friends outside of the hospital.

Fiona Stanley Hospital has a range of retail outlets, cafés and other amenities and facilities for patients and their families.

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Patient information publications

Our Patient information booklet (PDF 1MB) contains information available on the 'Your hospital stay' pages on our website. It is also available in each patient room

Patient info booklet

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights describes what you, or someone you care for, can expect when receiving health care from South Metropolitan Health Service and its hospitals.

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Read translations of the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights (external site)