Water adds to the experience for baby Quinn and family

A female midwife stands with a woman who is cradling a newborn baby beside a large bath.
Midwife Teagan Boyne is happy to see mother Nichola Moss and week-old baby Quinn.
February 12, 2020

Having a water birth was high on Nichola Moss’ life goals, so she was overjoyed when baby Quinn entered the world that way at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

On the morning her third daughter Quinn was born, Fiona Stanley Hospital Family Birthing Centre’s (FSH FBC) staff had the bath water running as Ms Moss made her way to the hospital with husband Jonathon.

Ms Moss (36) of White Gum Valley said the room was so peaceful and welcoming when she came in.

“I got to choose how to handle each stage of the birthing process, and when I hopped into the bath the feeling of weightlessness was amazing,” Ms Moss said.

Midwife Teagan Boyne said the FSH FBC made it easy for women to have their babies in the way they preferred with large standalone baths, flexible furniture arrangements, soft lighting and calming décor.

Ms Boyne said having water births within WA hospitals was not a new experience, and they occurred frequently within state guidelines.

However, FBC midwives had found that many women didn’t know the option was available within a tertiary hospital.

“If this is something the mothers booked in here would like to try, we can talk it through during their regular appointments with their midwife during pregnancy,” Ms Boyne said.

“The benefits of water births include great positioning for labour and birth, natural pain relief and that it is calming for everyone present, including the mother, other family members and staff.

“It’s also a smooth transition for babies from a fluid-filled environment to coming up to meet mum and dad, and it’s common for babies not to cry, but pink up beautifully as they are held for the first time.”

Since Fiona Stanley Hospital opened five years ago, 750 women have used water in labour and there have been more than 115 water births. This figure is expected to rise with the opening of the FBC.

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