Research aims to head off heart failure admissions

An older woman sits on an exercise bike. A man stands beside her.
Associate Professor Andrew Maiorana with patient Valerie Appleby
November 20, 2019

GPs treating patients with heart failure will get support to deliver best-practice care thanks to a new research project based at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Evidence shows that more than half the hospital admissions for people with heart failure could be prevented with better adherence to guidelines for diagnosis, evaluation and routine management.

Research lead Associate Professor Andrew Maiorana has been awarded a $250,000 Rapid Applied Research Translation (RART) grant to study primary care adherence to heart failure guidelines.

Associate Professor Andrew Maiorana said heart failure is a condition associated with a high number of recurrent hospitalisations, a significant burden on the health system.

“We want to support heart failure patients with a management plan, and provide ongoing support for GPs, but we won’t know how best to address the problem until we’ve had those conversations and assessed what’s currently happening and where the gaps are.”

To identify the gaps the first phase is an audit of current practices and to find out needed to support GPs treating these patients is occurring with the help of the WA Primary Health Alliance.

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